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Test Preparation and Mock Exams


Bespoke Tutoring has trained test prep instructors to work with your student.  Our instructors must meet our own high standards of SAT and ACT scores in order to be selected to undergo test prep instructor training. Once selected, our instructors undergo strict one-on-one instructor training with a trainer and discuss the content and strategies of each test. Additional teacher resources are used to show a variety of ways to solve the same problem. This allows instructors to tailor their teaching to an individual student.  How one students solves a problem may not be the same way another student does.  LIkewise, what test approach and overall strategy works for me, may not work for you. Let us find your student's natural test approach and show him how to make it work for a specific test. 


Want a baseline score before tutoring begins? How about getting an idea of your scores before the real deal?  We offer full-length mock exams with a complete analysis of your test. Our test proctors take observational notes during the mock exam so that we can start the tutoring sessions off right.


Popular tests are the SSAT (Upper and Middle Levels), SAT, ACT, and Georgia Milestones.

Home School/Hybrid School Tutoring


When the traditional classroom doesn't meet your child's needs or if you are transitioning between schools, let Bespoke Tutoring assist with all of your home school and hybrid program requirements.  Experienced tutors can work with your curriculum or provide one for you. We follow all of the state standards and provide monthly progress reports for your family. Whether you are part of a homeschool association or navigating it on your own, our team of teachers can ensure that your child excels in all subjects from Kindergarten math to high school biology.

For many of our home school and hybrid school students, we provide not only valuable instruction in the "classroom," but also serve as a resource as you navigate the state requirements. We want to make sure that your student is ready for his or her next steps whether that entails applying to college or transitioning to a new school.

Subject Tutoring


​We have tutors trained and ready to teach students in any subject. However, tutoring is not just for students who struggle. Our tutoring services are great for students who want to truly excel in a subject.


Kindergarten through college level, we tutor it all.  Having worked with students from around MetroAtlanta, we are very familiar with the different schools' curricula, both private and public. Whatever level class, we can help and provide additional resources when needed.


Popular subjects include Middle School math and science, Geometry, Algebra, PreCalculus, Calculus, Writing, Research papers, Literature, Reading Comprehension, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Environmental Science, Spanish, French, Latin, Computer Science, History, European History, American History, Bible, PE, Psychology, Economics, and Chinese.  Our AP and IB subject tutors will also assist with exam preparation to see the course through to the finish line. We also offer standard homework assistance for students. If you are interested in a subject not listed above, just give us a call.  

Academic Coaching


"Smart" doesn't necessarily equal "successful" when it comes to school. Sometimes even the brightest students can't quite make the grade. That's where our academic coaches come in. Time management skills, organizational skills, study skills, testing skills, and preplanning are vital traits to both school and life.


Our Academic Coaches work with your student to become the best student they can be. From learning to take proper notes to effectively using their study time, our coaches make a difference in a student's life.  We also work with students to create a solid "work-life" balance to prevent burnout and decrease stress.  These skills stay with a student through school and beyond!


In many cases, Academic Coaches also serve as a liaison between parents and a student. The third-party relationship builds a sense of accountability without the typical parent-child arguments and punishments.  Allowing an academic coach to keep track of a student's progress and report back to the parents can benefit the family as a whole!

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