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The Path to Success

"Smart" doesn't necessarily equal "successful" when it comes to school. Sometimes even the brightest students can't quite make the grade. That's where our academic coaches come in. Time management skills, organizational skills, study skills, testing skills, and preplanning are vital traits to both school and life.

Our Academic Coaches work with your student to become the best student they can be. From learning to take proper notes to effectively using their study time, our coaches make a difference in a student's life.  We also work with students to create a solid "work-life" balance to prevent burnout and decrease stress.  These skills stay with a student through school and beyond!

In many cases, Academic Coaches also serve as a liaison between parents and a student. The third-party relationship builds a sense of accountability without the typical parent-child arguments and punishments.  Allowing an academic coach to keep track of a student's progress and report back to the parents can benefit the family as a whole!

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