It's our process that makes us different, our team that makes the difference


We believe one of the keys to tutoring success is working one on one with the students.


A strong connection between a teacher and a student leads to the best results. That's why we get to know your student before sending out a tutor. A short phone call with parents, or even the student, will allow us to get a sense of what your child needs. We also listen to any preferences you may have in a tutor before contacting our team. Shy student? Learning differences? Attention concerns?  We've got the perfect fit for your student. Our expert tutors bring a variety of backgrounds and experiences to the table to ensure that we can make the best match.



Once we know your preferences and the characteristics of your perfect tutor, we reach out to our team.  Having been fortunate to work with many of both the private and public schools in MetroAtlanta, our tutors are very familiar with a school's specific curriculum.  Our tutors keep this in mind as we discuss who may be the best tutor for the family. Tutors discuss how their strengths match up with the student and we make some preliminary decisions. Then, we send the family a few tutor profiles to reivew. This is your first chance to get to know a potential tutor, but we can also schedule phone interviews if needed.



After selecting a personal tutor, you are ready to go! Your tutor will call you directly to introduce him or herself and set up the initial session. Our tutors come straight to you! No traveling in Atlanta traffic or struggling to find a parking spot. We find the best resutls happen in the comfort of a student's home or library setting, if needed. Each child is unique so we design our lessons specifically for the child. Once your tutor establishes the best way your child learns, we will incorporate lessons, activities, and materials that reflect this learning style. Bespoke Tutoring’s main goal is to help individuals succeed so we stay on top of your student's progress.


My daughter brags to all of her friends about her 'cool' ACT tutor. She loved working with her and her score went up 5 points in just a few months! We are looking at a new level of colleges now!

Mother of a ACT Prep student at Pace Academy

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