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April is just around the corner and, at Bespoke Tutoring, we know that's the time to start thinking about final exams. Most middle and high school finals occur in May, but starting early makes the studying easier and the stress more manageable. Here are our tutors' top five tips for preparing for finals:

1. Organization is key! Remember those notes you threw in the bottom of your book bag? Chances are good that you may need that information for finals. Gather any loose notes and past quizzes and put them together in a finals' binder. Over the next few weeks, organize them by date and class in order to make studying easier.

2. Sick day? If you've had a sick day or were absent for any reason, you may have missed some important information. Once you've organized your notes, look for any dates where you may be missing class notes or classwork. Speak with your teacher about what material was covered in class and check with your classmates for additional notes. You don't want any topic on your final to be a surprise to you!

3. Make a date! Look at your calendar. Do you have any events between now and final exam week that might take up some of your study time? You don't want to miss those important engagements, but you do need to plan around them. Start penciling in some time on the weekends for studying for finals.

4. Reach out! Your teachers are the perfect resource for final exam preparation. They write the exams and want you to do well on them. Reach out to your teachers and ask what they would recommended studying. Ask about the test format and the material that will be covered and plan accordingly. You don't want to study for an essay test if the entire exam is multiple choice so it's best to find out ahead of time.

5.Get that extra help! For many students, final exams are cumulative. This means that information from as far back as August could be on the exam. While you may have understood the concepts then, make sure you are on top of them now too. If needed, schedule with a tutor to help reinforce the material and to practice potential test questions.

These five tips can be a great help to any student studying for final exams, but, more importantly, make sure you know the date, time, and location of each of your finals!

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