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What makes your tutoring different?


We take the time to talk with parents, and sometimes the students themselves, to learn more about a student's personal needs, goals, and learning style. What works for one student, doesn't neccessarily work for another. Our tutors tailor their sessions to fit the strengths and weaknesses of the student. We don’t waste time following rigid curricula. Our sessions are designed specifically for your child so the child will receive optimum benefits and your money and time is better spent.


What makes a Bespoke tutor or instructor?


All of our tutors at Bespoke have previous tutoring experience. Our tutors’ own test scores are evaluated and must meet our high standards before they become official test prep instructors. These instructors are trained one-on-one and taught to work problems in mulitple ways to ensure they can teach in a variety of ways. Many of our tutors are certified teachers and have expertise working with students who have learning differences.


Do you charge upfront?


No, we do not require clients to pay upfront for our services. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your services and that your child likes his or her personal tutor. We want your child to enjoy the sessions and succeed academically. Once we have established a good match, we will email you an invoice for the sessions and you can mail in a check payment or pay with a credit card online. We also offer auto-debit. This process is fast, easy, and efficient!


Do you offer a guarantee?


Many of our competitors offer services that come with a guaranteed increase in test scores or academic grades, but have you looked closely at what this includes? Most often, if your child doesn't see the desired results, you have the right to retake a class or other group session. Why retake the same service that didn't work the first time?  Our one-on-one services allow us to measure your student's progress from session to session, ensuring that he or she is staying on track to meet their goals.


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